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See how we reduced both costs and losses at CHH Pulp & Paper Mill, Kinleith

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Safety & Emergency Training

NZQA accredited and tailored

to your business.

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Proven Track Record

We have decades of experience at the front line.

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EMS is a leader in industrial emergency response, emergency management consulting, and NZQA emergency and safety training.

Some of New Zealand’s largest industrial businesses call on us to help them minimise losses and ensure production continuity in an emergency.

We achieve this through a range of services  that reduce risk, improve emergency preparedness, ensure rapid and effective response to incidents when they do occur, and expedite recovery.

Armed with highly specialised skills and decades of frontline experience, we offer either a completely integrated on-site solution, or services scaled to meet the needs of your business.







Industrial Emergency Response

Engage EMS to be your dedicated emergency response team, on-site and on duty 24/7.

We don’t just respond to and contain emergencies; we effectively become your Emergency Management department. This means developing, implementing...
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and testing the business’ emergency plans, reducing risks through training, compliance and inspections and ensuring that incidents that do occur are rapidly recovered from.

Your people, property and productivity will all be in safe hands with EMS.


Safety & Emergency Training

We deliver practical training courses for staff and contractors in your workplace. From basic workplace First Aid courses through to highly specialised emergency response training including Line Rescue, Breathing Apparatus and Confined Spaces training...
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We are NZQA accredited, CPNZ pre-qualified and accredited to deliver Plumbers & Gasfitters CPD training courses. We tailor our workshops and assessments to your specific needs and the unique risks presented by your site.

Underpinning all that we do is our decades of experience at the front-line of emergency response, and our commitment to prevention through emergency management and training.






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EMS is committed to continually improving its programmes and regular feedback is a key component of this.

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