We are New Zealand's leaders in end-to-end emergency management services.

We can provide individual services or fully integrated solutions, whether you need expert consultation in a specific area, compliance testing, staff/contractor training, or you're interested in contracting EMS to be your on-site emergency response team.

Risk Reduction

We are specialists in exposing risks posed by an operation, analysing them, and putting together services and systems to reduce these risks.


Does your business have the individual proficiencies and processes to handle an emergency? We can prepare you.


When an emergency occurs, we'll be there - protecting your people, property and productivity.


Efficient recovery is vital to minimising loss and ensuring production continuity.


Should the worst happen, we ensure your business is prepared.

We develop operational systems and capabilities for the best response to an emergency.

We are the leading specialists in this area, with vast front-line experience that has been built over many decades of emergency response. 

We can offer an integrated emergency management solution, tailored to your specific needs. We create Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) and Emergency Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and then can thoroughly train your teams, at every level, to effectively implement, test and execute these plans.

We are often called on as expert consultants to assess a business’ current readiness. One recent example was an audit of the Emergency Response Plan at Waihi’s Newmont Gold Mine.

EMS can also operate as your dedicated emergency response team, present 24/7 at your site.



  • Staff Readiness - NZQA accredited Training, including specialist courses such as Line Rescue training.

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Emergency Standard Operating Procedures

  • Hazardous Substances (HSNO) Procedures

  • Evacuation Plans

  • Security Plans

  • Assessment/Audit of your current Emergency Plans

  • Maintenance Programmes & Testing Schedules

  • Management and Testing of Emergency Equipment (hose reels, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, haz-mat spill kits, breathing apparatus, etc.)

Design your own course

We tailor training programmes  to suit your site and your staff.

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On-site & On-Duty 24/7

EMS can be your dedicated emergency team

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